Production Machining

From UAV components to microwave Sub Harmonically-pumped mixers (SHM), we seek the highest levels of CNC work available using the latest in 3D CAD-CAM software available from GibbsCAM and Espirit.

Specializing in mid to large volume production CNC machining of aluminum, steel, titanium, and alloy steels, we can accommodate a wide variety of parts with a huge work envelope in turning, milling and EDM (wire and sinker).

Quick setup changes have allowed us to greatly reduce the cost to our customers and stay competitive in the industry. We operate 2 manned shifts and a largely unmanned third shift for lights-out machining.

Recently, we have tackled complex jobs with lead times that some would describe as impossible. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of CNC technology and encourage all new customers to come out and take a tour of our facility to experience firsthand the many machining solutions we offer!

Titan Shafts (2)

Getting Started

We recommend customers supply complete drawings made professionally.

Customers responding by email are advised to send drawings that can be viewed by AutoCad or SolidWorks but pdf files can be used for budget pricing.

If solid model files are available please supply them.  Models greatly speed up the quoting process and reduce setup time (lower cost to your company).

Requested delivery date.

Specify the level of inspection required.

  • 100% inspection Full documentation
  • 100% inspection no documentation
  • Production lot inspection
  • Other