About Us


Fabritek Company Inc. started as a traditional Machine Shop serving Winchester and surrounding areas. Fabritek prospered under the direction of its founder, Robert H. Hahn, Sr. Today Fabritek has over 80 employees and continues to grow under the leadership of Robert H. Hahn Jr.


Fabritek purchased its first CNC milling machine, a dual spindle Matsuura with a 4th axis used for production machining of components for Rubbermaid self-dumping waste bin frames which were finished in the Fabrication shop.


Fabritek became one of the first machining and fabrication shops to own and operate a Waterjet. Fabrication lead time was greatly reduced and quality increased. Today we have multiple versatile waterjet machining centers.


To keep up with customer demand Fabritek purchased its first CNC press brake. Again quality was given a boost and fabrication lead times were reduced.


Fabritek joined with Winchester Tool (established in 1987) which expanded CNC machining capacity and added Micro Machining and EDM to our list of capabilities. Operating as one company, Fabritek and Winchester Tool provide a complete range of machine shop and fabrication services with a rich history of developing customer relationships and on-time deliveries.


Fabritek adopted a value lane style of management. Value streams were defined as Fabrication, Production Machining, Micro Machining, and Industrial Repair. Each of these areas of the company were revitalized and improvement projects continually streamline the way we operate today.


The Winchester Tool Facility is awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Fabritek purchased its first production 5 axis machining center. The large Mori Seiki NT adds a speed advantage to our ability to produce complex parts.


The Winchester Tool Facility is awarded the AS 9100C:2009-01 certification. Today we continue to retain the latest AS9100D certification.


Our Winchester Tool Facility began producing cable well drilling bits. Today we are one of the top producers of cable bits worldwide with unmatched product durability.