Waterjet Machining

Our company was one of the first machine shops to own and operate a waterjet back in 1997. Today our water jet team has accrued over 24 years of waterjet machining experience. During that time we have developed a dedicated waterjet production area and maximized the capabilities of our waterjet machining centers. Our customers have come to expect the best quality at a great price with quicker lead times than any of our competitors.

Today we have a maximum working envelope of 6′ x 12′.  Edge taper is controlled with an articulating head which automatically compensates for draft angle to give your parts a perfectly straight edge. We routinely machine everything from alloy steels to aluminum, plastic, rubber, stone, glass, and MMCs. We typically cut less than 4″ of material but our machines are capable of piercing over 8″ of steel.

We prefer water jets due to their versatility and accuracy. Waterjet machined parts have no heat affected zone which is sometimes advantageous over laser and plasma especially when it comes to aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, and laminates.